Javascript interview questions asked by many companies for 2021

2021 top and best programming language JavaScript as of now more demanding in the market and if anyone is trying to crack the interview, please read below interview questions and collect the answer from google as per your example. we are sharing these questions after facing a lot of top company interviewers. Now we want to share with you the help you in your interview session.

We are still collecting interview questions, will update our portal soon…!

What is hoisting in javascript?
What are the differences between generator vs iterator?
What is a generator in js?
What is Event bubbling & Event Capturing?
What is Event Loop?
What is Different between JS and node JS
What are HTTP Methods?
What are Typescript features?
What are es6 features?
What is a V8 engine?
What is the main Authentication or Authorization?
What is this keyword in js?
How to immutable an object?
What is different between Object.seel() & Object.freeze?
What are the differences between let const & var?
What is the promises in javascript?
What is promise changing?
what is Callback hell?
What is the main difference between asynchronous & non-blocking?
How to prevent callback hell?
How the node js life cycle is work?
How to handle 1000 concurrent requests in js?
What are the modules inbuilt in node js?
What is await & Async?
What is closure in javascript?
What is the callback function in javascript?
What is the difference between session storage and local storage?
What is body-parser module?
What is a synthetic event?
default Prevent, Stoppropagation
What is iife in javascript?
What are reference data types in javascript?
What is promise.settle() in javascript?
What is Currying in javascript?
What is object.prototype?
What is different between prototype and __proto__ in javascript
What are Types of error in javascript?
What is the view state and session state?
What is Promise.race() function ?
How to copy object using javascript?
What is Curring in JS?

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